SCRIP Program

Scrip is a national program to help non-profit groups and schools earn money. Essentially, Scrip allows families to purchase prepaid merchandise gift cards for local and national businesses. These gift cards are just like cash. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give SACS between 2% to 25% of the face value on the gift card.

How does Scrip work?

SACS purchases gift cards at a discount from participating businesses, earning an automatic percentage when we sell it back to you at its face value. This difference, between what SACS buys the card for and the face value SACS sells it to your for, is Scrip profit before program expenses. This profit is split 50% to SACS and 50% to your family’s K-8 tuition or SJA Faith Formation program tuition.

Don’t have a child at SACS or SJA Faith Formation? You can still purchase Scrip and either designate your credit to a specific student or to the general SACS fund.

For information, visit the SCRIP information or please contact the SCRIP office at 952-445-3387 x140.

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